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Bagan Journey (English)

Bagan Journey (English)


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/ 5

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Designer :

Jean Curci

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Mechanism :

Dice Rolling, Point to Point Movement, Roll / Spin and Move


Explore the city of Bagan, ancient home of Myanmar kings. Players collect memories, curios, items, and vehicles as they discover the region’s vivid history and culture, and the player with the most discoveries at the end of the game is the winner.

On their turn, player roll the dice, and move on the board in the direction they choose. They explore the location they land on. Some give Discovery Points (DP) and advance you towards victory. Some allow you to draw cards. There are different types of cards: Events to be resolved immediately, vehicles to equip, souvenirs and experiences, or tricks for the other players! Some can be kept in hand, some are played immediately, and others played when you want to.

The 10 main temples of Bagan are represented on the board. They are a good source of DP. You came to Bagn to visit temples after all! The first player to land on one gets 5 points and the "temple card" that features interesting facts about the building. If another player lands on the same temple, he only gets 3DP (there's more tourists on the site!) but gets the card from the previous player. Some effects in the game reward the player with the most temples cards.

But there's other ways to rack in many points, such as getting a hot air balloon ticket for the trip of a lifetime and getting on the location with luck or cards! (10 DP!). Or mounting an elephant and wearing the traditional Tanaka and visiting villages and markets are all locals will cheer with you! (3DP per visit)

The game ends when one player reach 30 DP (50DP in the Advanced rules)

Recommend to anyone: Who wouldn’t want to play a game about going on holiday?

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