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Myanmar Splendor Tournament 2024

Hosted by SPACE 17 - Board Game Hub

Champion    Albert

200,000 Store Credit



6Month Ultimate Meeple Membership

1st Runner-up

6Month Ultimate Meeple Membership

Other Semi-finalists

1Month Ultimate Meeple Membership each


Tournament Objective

- To raise public awareness on benefits of playing board games & to promote board game culture among Myanmar people.
- To network new players & hobbyists through board game meet-ups & tournaments.

Preliminary Round (17 Mar)

- 3-4 players per table.
- Each player shall join 3 games of Splendor.
- The number of victories shall be used to rank players.
- In case of ties, the total sum of victory points across all three games shall be used as the first tiebreaker.
- If ties still exist after the first tiebreaker, the second tiebreaker shall be the sum of the percentage of victory points the players reached at their three tables. If there are still any ties after that, lots shall be drawn.
- 6 top-ranked players shall level up to the semi-final.

Semi-final (17 Mar)

- 3 players per table.
- Each semi-finalist shall play 1 game of Splendor. (2 tables of 3 players each shall play concurrently.)
- Winners from each table shall level up to the final table.

Final (17 Mar)

- 2 finalists shall play 1 game of Splendor.
- The winner of the final table is the Champion of Myanmar Splendor Tournament 2024 & shall be awarded the 1st Prize.


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