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  • Maximum 40 players shall be permitted.

  • No. of players given as example in above scenarios might change.

    Each table shall be played by 3-4/3/2(Preliminary/Semi/Final) players. There shall be no shared seat.

  • For Preliminary Rounds, players for each table shall be randomly matched.

  • For each turn, each player shall get only maximum 45 seconds after 30 minutes of game play. If the game already lasts 45 minutes, the table is given another five minutes to finish the game. Once 50 minutes have been played, the game is stopped, allowing the current turn to be completed. Player with highest point position is the winner.

  • It is forbidden to make audible comments and give advice to the players while watching the game of another table.

  • Authentic Splendor base game sets shall be used throughout the tournament. (Game rules from said edition to be used as general reference.) [file_link]

  • Any dispute shall be reported to the referee(s) & decision of the referee(s) is final.

Responsibilities of Players

  • Throughout the game, all game components must stay on the table in a standard organized manner, ensuring visibility to all players at all times.

  • Players are responsible for verifying that they have the correct number of development cards at the beginning of the game (40: Level1, 30: Level2, 20: Level3) and 40 tokens.

  • Players in the same table shall speak in English if there are players who speak different languages.

  • If a player makes a mistake, report immediately to the referee during that player’s turm. If the next player has already taken their action, this situation becomes irrelevant, and the game proceeds as usual.

  • Collusion is not allowed. Players are prohibited from intentionally giving another player a win.

  • Players shall exhibit kindness, courtesy, and fair play towards others during tournament games, other tournament activities, related event activities, and throughout the entire tournament.

Ranking for Preliminary Round

  • The ranking of players will be determined based on the number of victories achieved during the three preliminary rounds.

  • In the event of ties, the first tiebreaker will be the total sum of victory points accumulated across all three games.

  • If there are still ties after the first tiebreaker, the second tiebreaker will be the sum of the percentage of victory points achieved by the players at their respective three tables. If ties still remain after that, lots will be drawn to determine the final ranking.

Example (after three rounds):

Players A and B both win 2 games. Both get 40 victory points - so there is still a tie. Now the percentages of victory points will be calculated.

For Player A:

Game 1: A gets 15 VPs, there were 48 VPs at the table, his percentage is: 31.25%.

Game 2: A gets 10 VPs, there were 42 VPs at the table, his percentage is: 35.71%.

Game 3: A gets 17 VPs, there were 46 VPs at the table, his percentage is: 36.96%.

The sum is 103.92.

For Player B:

Game 1: B gets 15 VPs, there were 35 VPs at the table, so his percentage is: 42.86%.

Game 2: B gets 18 VPs, there were 46 VPs at the table, so his percentage is: 39.13%.

Game 3: B gets 9 VPs, there were 50 VPs at the table, his percentage is: 18.00%.

The sum is 99.99.

Player A is ranked higher than Player B.


The Greatest Gemstone Merchants of the Renaissance

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